Abstract Submission Details

Details for submission of Abstract

Abstract submission start date- 16th March 2017  Click here to submit abstract

Abstract Submission deadline- 25th July 2017

Manuscript Submission deadline-30th Sept 2017

Participants willing to make a presentation on the results of their recent research are cordially invited to submit abstract in about 200 words in English by 25th July 2017 through the online Asia Steel 2018 conference website.

Authors of accepted papers will be informed by email (address as in abstract) by 10th August, 2017 with the information on the format and typing instructions for the manuscript (full paper).

Abstract submission instruction

Submission is only accepted via online Asia Steel 2018 conference website in the format given below.  Abstract should be written not exceeding 200 words in MS Word. Photographs & figures should be avoided in abstract.

Please select one of the areas from the following list & upload your abstract there. Conference committee is authorized to change the area if it is not found properly selected.  After submission of the abstract, you will receive an automatic submission number in return by email when the submission succeeds.


Process Areas Product Areas Other Areas
1. Raw Materials: Mining, Processing 4. Hot and Cold Rolling 9. Environmental Engineering & Waste Utilization
2. Iron Making: Agglomeration, Coke making, Blast Furnace & Alternative Iron Making 5.  Physical Metallurgy of Steel
6. Customer Processing: Forming, Welding and Joining 10. Automation & Instrumentation
3. Steelmaking : HM Treatment, BOF, EAF, Inclusions & Quality, Secondary Steelmaking, Continuous Casting 7.  Surface Treatment & Corrosion
8.  Steel Products and Uses of Steel

Instruction for submission of the final manuscript (full paper) for the accepted abstract will be notified on the Website in next communication.

Abstract format: [Click to Download]

Title of the paper (14 pt, bold, centred, followed by a blank line)
First author1*, second author2, …, last author2 (11 pt, Times New Roman, followed by a blank line)
1 Affiliation and address of the first author, including country (11 pt, Times New Roman)
2 Affiliation and address of the second author

Abstract (11 pt, Times New Roman)

*Corresponding author. E-mail: ——-, telephone: ———-